If you’re running Macs in the office or at home and you want to get organised then I would highly recommend Daylite from Marketcircle.

Daylite 5, the customer relationship management (CRM) system’s latest iteration, is a powerful package for organising and managing all your contacts and your team, as well as helping you to plan and manage your current projects. Daylight also appends all in- and out-bound e-mails to the appropriate contact in the database, which means that you can delete the e-mails in MacMail (or any other e-mail client). The calendar function is very efficient and if you’re working with a team you can also see their calendars and you can assign tasks to other people.

Daylite’s built-in wordprocessor lets you produce templates for e-mails and Word files (or Pages, if you’re only using Apple software), which makes mail merging very easy and, again, everything that is sent to a contact (or group of contacts) has the information attached to their record.

I know that many people still rely on the likes of Outlook for managing their e-mails, but this isn’t a very efficient way of managing data and it isn’t very secure. If Outlook crashes, for example, then you are at risk of losing important e-mails.

As well as running Daylite on your MacBooks and iMacs, Daylite Touch (the app for iPhones and IPads) gives you access to all your contacts and projects wherever you go. When you’re back in the office any changes made to your database will be automatically synchronised so that you and your team are always up to date.

There are other contact management and productivity systems available, but having been with Daylite since Daylite 3 I wouldn’t want to switch to any other package.

In the UK there are a number of approved Daylite certified partners and I have been working with (and would highly recommend) Bill Verkaik from JG Consulting. If you buy Daylite through JG Consulting you get a discount and Bill is on hand for help with installation and training.


Simon has been running Opera PR & Communications for nearly 20 years and enjoys photography, mountainbiking, reading, cooking, politics and current affairs, he is also a bit of a Francophile.

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