We have just launched a new website for Chesterfield-based Air Conditioning Services, a family-owned business established in 1972.

Our original appointment was to make a number of changes to their existing website, but it soon became clear that the required changes would not be possible without a significant amount of coding.

Their site had been built on the WordPress platform, which we are very familiar with, but the site’s framework had been hard-coded, which meant that there simply wasn’t the flexibility to make more than the most basic of changes.

The directors agreed and very pleased to have something designed that had flexibility built in and were delighted with the minimal look and feel of the new site, which ensures that anyone visiting the site can easily find their way around.


Simon has been running Opera PR & Communications for nearly 20 years and enjoys photography, mountainbiking, reading, cooking, politics and current affairs, he is also a bit of a Francophile.

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