‘Unbox your phone’ is the strapline for Samsung’s latest run of print, web and TV adverts for the Galaxy S8. As you can see, the print advert incorporates an outline image of the S8, which is blended into the background scene. The TV adverts set all the action on the phone’s screen, before going full screen at the end of the advert. 

But, for me the adverts fail on two fronts. Firstly, ‘Unbox your phone’ is an utterly meaningless strapline, because Samsung is trying to communicate the fact that there is almost no visible gap between the edge of the phone and edge of the ‘infinity’ screen on the new S8.

Secondly, when watching the TV and screen adverts the viewer is so distracted with the action taking place on the phone’s screen, including drummers and street footballers, that you don’t immediately notice that at the end of each sequence of action the sides of a smaller screen are removed to show an increasinly larger screen, which finally reveals the ‘infinity’ screen.

A better strapline might have been ‘Broaden your horizons’, which would have been much more relevant and far more aspirational.





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