Although most of us will be turning our thoughts to the forthcoming festive season and looking forward to taking time off for Christmas and New Year, now is the time to be planning your PR and marketing campaigns for the year ahead.

Rather than waiting to start a new project in the New Year (and it is easy and tempting to want to delay anything new until January) you should start work on developing that new product/service/logo/website/e-mail campaign right now. By making a start before you take time off means that you can get into the festive spirit knowing that when you go back to work that the project is well underway or even complete.

As well as working with a number of clients on various projects that will start in the New Year we have also taken our own advice. We have spent the last few months developing our new website, which we wanted to launch well before Christmas and we’re also planning our own e-marketing campaign.

So, if you have project that needs to get underway in the New Year now is the time to contact us to see how we can help to ensure that you have a stress-free Christmas.



Simon has been running Opera PR for over 10 years and enjoys photography, mountainbiking, reading, cooking, politics and current affairs, he is also a bit of a Francophile.

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