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The end of Pound World

I was always of the opinion that the retail market had polarised between the high end and the discount/value end, which were performing well in their respective positions, and it was the mid-market retailers like M&S and Debenhams who were struggling. The mid-market retailers are struggling, but now with the total collapse of Pound World […]

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Hope Valley Fringe: Saturday 28 April

We are delighted to be working with the organisers of the Hope Valley Fringe, to promote, publicise and market this unique, new festival. Hope Valley Fringe will bring together people from across the Peak District National Park and beyond to share and celebrate their passion for the arts, music, sport, food and drink, horticulture, photography, […]

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Corporate identity & website for 360AD

We have just launched the website for South Wales-based architectural design and visualisation consultancy, 360AD, which follows on from our initial appointment to design the corporate identity for this new business. Nick Davies, who is running the new business, has over 20 years’ experience in the interior design and architectural arena, having worked with a […]

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Great British Bake Off Thriving on C4

I have to admit that when I first heard that The Great British Bake Off was moving from the BBC to Channel 4 I wasn’t optimistic that it would survive the move or that the new presenters would be able to pick up where the original team left off. Having watched the first few episodes […]

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Marketing Bars & Restaurants

The location of your bar or restaurant will have an impact on how your business develops. Those based in the centre of towns and cities, and other popular urban settings, are going to benefit from passing trade, especially if they’re in an area that has established and popular venues that are aimed at a similar […]

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Theresa May rolled the dice

In calling the snap general election Theresa May rolled the dice and hoped (perhaps even expected) to emerge as a stronger leader with a more stable government on the morning of 9 June. Instead, in the early hours of the morning it was becoming clear that the gamble had spectacularly backfired. The Conservatives is still […]

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Media Training Pays Dividends

If anyone doubts the value of media training they only need to listen to Nick Ferrari’s recent interview with Diane Abbott on LBC, during which she failed to accurately state how much it would cost the country to employ 10,000 additional police officers. Her truly toe-curling performance was lambasted on social media and ended up […]

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Getting the most out of social media

Think twice before you ‘post’

It is so very easy and very tempting to write something, anything, on social media sites, but before you update your status you should think twice before you post. Think about how your messages, photos, shared posts, jokes or amusing anecdotes are going to be received by all your ‘friends’. It’s tempting to post an […]

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Will ‘Bake Off’ go stale on Channel 4

The BBC took a risk when they first aired The Great British Bake Off (TGBBO), which moved from BBC2 to prime-time BBC1. A baking contest has risen up the rankings to become what you might call a flagship show. It has to be up there with Strictly as a show that is properly entertaining for all […]

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Review your social media strategy

With the schools about to re-open for the autumn term and everyone is returning from their summer holidays, it is a good time to review your social media strategy. With the number of businesses and organisations whose marketing strategy is centred around social media activity and you could be forgiven for thinking that ‘likes’ are […]

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Strike whilst the iron is hot

Theresa May MP, unless someting extremely untoward occurs between now and Wednesday, will wake up as a member of the Cabinet and will go to bed in number 10 Downing Street as both the leader of the Conservative Party and the UK’s new PM. With Labour in complete disarray Theresa May’s second most important act […]

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Flop Gear

In private, the BBC bosses must be kicking themselves for sacking Jeremy Clarkson, because it is now quite clear that they shot not one golden goose, but the entire flock. At the time of Clarkson’s dismissal they no doubt felt fully justified because he had assaulted a colleague. No-one condones aggressive or violent behaviour, but […]

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End of the line for David Cameron

On the morning of Friday 24 June David Cameron appeared in front of No. 10 Downing Street to effectively tender his resignation, following the result of the EU in/out referendum. He argued that he had to go because he had tied his colours firmly to the Remain camp’s mast and, in his opinion, he was […]

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Lyons Coffee Bags deliver on their promises

Successful brands are based essentially on a promise to perform and it is when there is a disconnect between a promise and what the brand delivers when things go wrong. Perhaps we consumers should be a little more cynical and not treat every company as being infallible, or perhaps the companies that are offering products […]

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Labour: un-spun or coming undone?

Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party, has barely got his feet under the table but there are already fault lines appearing within the party. Whilst his informal style and anti-establishment undertones resonated with those eligible to vote, he needs to quickly unify the Shadow Cabinet and the wider party and present some […]

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Boost your company’s e-marketing

You spend time, effort and money in developing a brand identity, then have it applied to a new website and stylish marketing literature, and you commission stunning photography. So, why would anyone choose off-the-shelf e-marketing systems that do more to promote the carrier than it does the corporate message, in the case of the ConstantChimpMails […]

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How to do social media

For many companies social media plays an important role in helping to market and promote businesses. We’ve all heard about those marketing campaigns that ‘went viral’ within minutes of being launched and there are many start-up companies that have relied almost entirely on social media platforms to take them from the garden shed to city […]

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Clarkson: storm in a tea cup?

Love him or loathe him, Jeremy Clarkson has earned some serious money for the BBC with the runaway success that is Top Gear, which he has co-presented since 2002. It is undoubtedly BBC2’s biggest and most popular show, which is why any decision to suspend the programme could be a problem. Clearly, if Mr Clarkson […]

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Wake up and smell their profits

Your daily visit to your favourite coffee shop could be easily costing you £5 a day. ‘So what?’, I hear you cry, ‘what’s a fiver?’ And, you’d be right. What’s £5 in the grand scheme of things. If you’re earning it you deserve a treat, right? What’s better than being welcomed into a stylish coffee […]

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Just answer the question!

Recently on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Chuka Umunna, the shadow business secretary, was being interviewed about ‘dodgy donors’. Presenter Jim Naughtie asked Mr Umunna 5 times if the Labour Party would repay any donations that turned out to have come from someone who was avoiding tax. Five times the shadow business secretary avoided the […]

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The Insights of Dale Carnegie

I am on my third reading of Dale Carnegie’s excellent How To Win Friends & Influence People, which I can’t recommend enough because it gives such powerful insights into how we humans operate. First written in the 1930s, in a very accessible style, Dale Carnegie explains what we can do to get the best out […]

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Rotten Apple: iWork Flop

In today’s world of consumer electronics we’re all encouraged to have the latest piece of kit and to upgrade to the latest iterations of operating systems and software applications. As someone who has been using Apple products, on and off since the early 1990s, I have always felt that their products are more stable, more […]

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Je suis Charlie

This post, entltiled simply: ‘Je suis Charlie’ (I am Charlie), is our gesture of support for the freedom of speech, to show our solidarity with the people of France and in memory of those that lost their lives in Paris this week.

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Customer service pays

Stylish websites, creative brand identities, innovative marketing campaigns and fantastic photography all count for nothing if your customer service is poor. The one thing that stands out above almost everything else, no matter what sector you’re in, is customer service. Perhaps the only time poor service is tolerated is when an exceptional bargain is on […]

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Winding down for Christmas?

Although most of us will be turning our thoughts to the forthcoming festive season and looking forward to taking time off for Christmas and New Year, now is the time to be planning your PR and marketing campaigns for the year ahead. Rather than waiting to start a new project in the New Year (and […]

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Get ahead in business

After three successful years, with delegate numbers increasing year-on-year, the organisers of Love Business East Midlands will be moving their 2015 event to the International Exhibition Hall at Donington Park. The event, which is the largest business-to-business event in the East Midland, will take place on Thursday 12 February 2015, from 9.30am to 3.30pm. It is open […]

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Get organised with Daylite

If you’re running Macs in the office or at home and you want to get organised then I would highly recommend Daylite from Marketcircle. Daylite 5, the customer relationship management (CRM) system’s latest iteration, is a powerful package for organising and managing all your contacts and your team, as well as helping you to plan […]

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Success in Nottingham

Following our attendance to the Business Shows Group‘s annual Propery & Business Investment Show (6 November) at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, we are now in the process of following up with a number of very good leads. Numbers were up on last year’s event, for both visitors and exhibitors, which gave the show […]

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Growth Voucher Scheme: Substance or Spin?

Having received a cold call from one of the companies delivering the government’s recent Growth Voucher Scheme, I was persuaded to go and meet a business adviser who would explain all about it. I went to the meeting at Salford Quays and met the appointed adviser. He explained that there were 5 areas that the […]

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