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Get your business on the map

For businesses seeking to improve the quality of online interactions of consumers, having details such as opening times and preferred payment methods available and accessible is crucial.

Forbes estimates that 57% of people that make a search on Google never click on a result; this means that even if your website is very clear and professional, information must be easy to find without it.

However, not all searches for this information come from Google. Although it’s My Business section is adequate for click-less data on the platform, the increasing population of iPhone and Mac users leads to millions more consumers away from Google and using the Apple default, proprietary system, Apple Maps.

Data from Statista shows that nearly 3/4s of 18-19 year olds own an iPhone, with 65% of 18-35 year olds using the iOS mobile operating system. This shift away from Android devices means that for businesses trying to reach these users through locality, a presence on Google is not enough. 

Key iOS features such as the voice assistant, ‘Siri’, iMessage, Find My and others, feed data from Apple Maps for knowledge such as opening times. If these are not inputted, the system will offer the user the opportunity to search the web, but as we know that more than half of users don’t click on after a direct search on Google, even less will within the operating system.

What system can to serve up-to-date and relevant information to consumers on iOS? Apple Business Connect.

Example listing on Apple Maps

This free system developed by Apple offers businesses the ability to input first hand data about the company, including details about services, high quality media uploads and a customisable interface, which is available to all Apple users. 

This premium system is easy to use and, once verified at the address of your business or organisation, your details will be available to view in Apple Maps, Find My, Wallet, Search Console and many other places within your customers device, so they can find the information they need to make a decision.

All of these features will help to establish trust with your customers that choose to use an iPhone.

If you would like our help, as verified Apple Developers, then get in touch by filling out the form available here.

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