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What about ChatGPT?

ChatGPT and similar AI tools are still in their infancy and at some point they will be able to generate content that most people will not be able to differentiate from a human author.

However, as good as the content gets, the problem is that the AI engines are drawing on data from the internet and for certain subjects or opinions the base data could be biased, which impacts on the accuracy of the content.

The old adage, dating back to when computing first became mainstream, garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) remains.

This is why at Opera PR we generate new content for our own purposes and for our clients from scratch; at this stage we don’t use any automated text because part of our offer is our writing ability and our understanding of our clients’ businesses.

Whether it’s a new brochure, website or email campaign, we not only produce design concepts we write the content and also produce our own images, which most agencies don’t offer – our seamless service from concept to completion continues to win us new business because we provide a unique offer.

We have put the AI content generators to the test and the text produced is largely accurate, but the style is just not as humans write, there is that missing element that lets you know that isn’t authentic in the same way that literal translations to or from English isn’t how we actually speak.

AI will continue to develop and it will threaten jobs, of that there is no doubt, but for now we’ll keep our pencils sharpened and enjoy the process of creating something new.

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